SH-M4000 Casting defect repair machine

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Cold Welder / Defect repair machine / Casting defect repair machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Easy to use
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Low welding temperature
  • Effective
  • Repair welding material is wide

Product Details

The SH-M4000 mold patches the cold welding machine characteristic:
The volume is small, the weight light, carries conveniently, is advantageous for the field operation, mainly uses in the mold patching profession.
1. Realizes the true cold welding, in the repair process the work piece does not need preheating or the heat preservation, in the built-up welding instantaneous process enters without the hot piping, thus the work piece does not distort, not the annealing, the undercut and the residual stress, does not change the work piece metal organization condition.
2. The repair bond strength is high, because the welding rod is in instantaneous and shifts by the electric arc ionization to with above its contact work piece, therefore the bonding strength high will not fall off
3. The repair precision is high, coating thickness from several microns to several millimeters, only need polish, polishing. May also carry on the vehicle, the mill, to dig, to rub, and later periods and so on galvanization processes.
4. But one machine multipurpose, may carry on functions and so on built-up welding repair, superficial strengthening.
5. The economical usability is high, may the online repair, raise the production efficiency on the spot, saving of time and expense. And the easy to operate, trains anybody after the short-term to be possible to carry on the operation use.
6. Is suitable the parent metal to be broad, including each kind of molding tool steel, the stainless steel, the tool steel, the cast iron, the cast-aluminium, the aluminum alloy, the copper alloy, the nickel alloy and so on, as well as all may the electric conduction conductor.
7. The environmental protection performance is good, does not have the noise, the dust, the waste liquid, the glare, different smelly.
8. Even if the repair built-up welding level wears, may carry on the identical spot repairs the built-up welding many times.
9. Using inert gas protections and so on argon, may obtain the high quality built-up welding level.
10. as a result of the use revolving welding rod, will not produce sticks the silk principle elephant, the operation is easy, to obtain the high quality built-up welding level, moreover the built-up welding level's remainder may control is very small, thus has saved the precision work time.

Cold welding machine parameter list:
Input voltage (V). Frequency (HZ): AC220V±10 ﹪: Single-phase, 50/60HZ
Power (KVA): 4.0

Output voltage, continuously adjustable (V): 20-150
Frequency conversion scope (electric discharge number of times/second) (HZ): 50-800
Electrode size (mm): 0.5-3.2
May dispose the welding torch quantity: 1
Size (WxDxH mm):480*204*360

Weight: 21Kg

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